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POMONA, Calif. – To maximize OTR truck engine efficiency, Prolong® Super Lubricants Engine Treatment protects gas and diesel engines from the two leading causes of engine wear: damaging friction and heat.

Prolong Engine Treatment is formulated with the company’s exclusive AFMT™ ( Anti-Friction Metal Treatment™) technology which chemically bonds to metal surfaces in the engine, creating a protective layer that prevents metal-on-metal grinding – the cause of unwanted friction and increased heat. It is designed to optimize fuel economy and protect the engine in the event of oil or coolant loss. Quick and easy to use, Prolong Engine Treatment is poured directly into the engine crankcase, and is recommended for use as part of or in between oil changes. Prolong Engine Treatment is available in one quart and one gallon bottles, five gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. Prolong Super Lubricants, a brand of GoldenWest Lubricants, Inc., produces a wide range of chemicals and car care products, including engine, fuel and transmission additives; chassis and wheel lubricants; vinyl and leather protectants. Its Anti-Friction Metal Treatment™ (AFMT) advanced technology treats and modifies the surface of metal to reduce metal wear, heat and friction.

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